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My name is Jack Purdon. I'm a trumpet player based in Sydney Australia. 

I coordinate 'Daniel Francis Entertainment'

What we do:

"Daniel Francis Entertainment" is an agency I started to book myself, other musicians and equipment for:

- Events i.e. Weddings and Corporate parties

- Venue Gigs

- TV performances i.e. "The Voice" 

- Synch music licensing and commissions i.e. Ad music

I have gathered a large array of musicians that I believe are only the best and have a wealth of knowledge in how to perform and play their style of music. 

Why the name "Daniel Francis"?:

In the United States there is a very well reputed pop songwriter called Ross Golan (he's worked with Michael Buble, Maroon Five, Justin Bieber etc.). He is of Jewish heritage and when his Grandfather first travelled to the U.S he had to work to establish his family. Ross chose to name the business which processes all of his music business after his Grandfather.

Following a similar sentiment, I chose the name "Daniel Francis" as a business name to pay homage to my late Grandfather - 'Frank'. He was always a huge supporter of my musical endeavours.


The Goal:

One of my favourite things about music is the way it makes me and others feel. That is why my goal for every event I play at or organise is to have everyone feeling incredible in their own way. I love the nostalgia, the moments and the memories a great event creates, and I especially love how music is key to that.

Every gig or place I go with music I try to get a hold of or take a photo or video. I try to capture and share moments that best describe the event without it looking fake and set up. All of the footage I post on this site I want to reflect the fun and nostalgic times we all have at an event. Some of the photos on this site aren't even of music but thats because a good event is never just about one thing. Its about the culmination of everything; from the music, to the location and many other factors. I try to take photos and share everything that makes an event great.

Feel free to give me a call, text or email to have a chat about your next event.

Oh, by the way. Thats me there with the circular sunnies.



Jack Purdon

"Daniel Francis Entertainment" L: Sydney, Australia ABN: 749 732 327 29 C0ntact Us

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