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Weddings are usually celebrated in 2 main segments - the Ceremony and the Reception. We have some suggested packages for both areas of your night if you are having trouble deciding.

Choose who you would like to sing at your wedding.

*Pricing is a guide. Actual quotes may vary based on Location, Band Size, Availability, Requests and other factors.

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The Ceremony


The Ceremony:

The wedding ceremony is usually the most important part of anyone's big day.  Musically, we think that the entertainment should be light and easy as the focus needs to be on the formalities and the Bride and Groom. We suggest having no more than two musicians and having them perform as guests arrive, during the ceremony and then after during canapés. The music choices for your ceremony is an integral part of making the day individual and special to you. This is why we are happy to learn request - Many couples opt to choose a singer to perform.

Ceremony Soloist (Vox doubling on Guitar/Keys): $690 + GST

Ceremony Duo (Vox and Guitar/Keys): $970 + GST

Instrumental Soloist: $570 + GST

String Duo: $930 + GST


Included: A 2 hour call including 20 minutes of arrival music, 3 song requests (of your choosing), PA hire (for groups with vocals) and one set of canapé music after the ceremony. We take care of sourcing all of the music and learning the songs. Sydney based.

If you have any questions or particular ideas for your ceremony please feel free to get in touch here. We're more than happy to help.

The Reception


The Reception:

The Reception is where the fun stuff happens! For a band, generally receptions are structured as 2 sets of dinner music followed by 2 sets of dance. Many couples opt to choose a singer to perform

Regarding music the way we structure it is like this;

- We take a few important requests (i.e. first dance, father daughter dance etc).

- For the dancefloor we love it when clients make music suggestions, however we usually leave the music choice to the band. The reason for this is because we have spent a lot of time honing sets of music that we know work really well with broad crowds - weddings tend to have a huuuuge age range. The reason we love client requests however is that it helps us pre-empt what music the crowd might like (i.e. RnB versus Rock Music).

- Feel free to send some songs you don't like and we will tell the band to avoid them at all costs!

- Any other songs that don't fit into those categories we are more than happy to playlist and put on during the set breaks around dinner etc. We suggest making this on Spotify leading up to the wedding and slowly adding to it.

Reception Band 4 Piece: $2320 + GST

Reception Band 5 Piece: $2760 + GST

Reception Band 6 Piece: $3200 + GST

DJ (check out our cheaper DJ+Band option here too): $1440 + GST

Included: A 5 hour call from 6:30-11:30pm, 4 Sets with Included PA hire, your choice of instrumental lineup, important requests. Sydney based.

If you have any questions or particular ideas for your reception please feel free to get in touch here. We're more than happy to help.

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